A Country Fair

Last weekend we enjoyed one nice leisurely day, with no agenda and no commitments . . . and it was bliss. Of course, our “leisurely day” did start out with a grueling 7 mile trail run, but the rest of the day was splendid. After getting very little sleep during my week-long training in Maine and then my early morning commute back to CT, Saturday was a lost day. I was worthless and all I wanted to do was nap. It killed me.

So when Sunday rolled around I was eager to spring out of bed, go for a run, and make the most of the gorgeous day. The weather was perfect and I needed to do something fun. We headed South to Brooklyn. No, not NYC and as a matter of fact, the furthest thing from it. Brooklyn, CT is a little hick agricultural town. Maybe pictures would be easier to help explain the day. Here we go . . .

We pulled into the parking lot and it looked like this:

OK, just kidding. It looked more like this:

Our first stop was some shopping because Karlo forgot his sunglasses. There was no shortage of cool shades to buy:

Once he got his cool shades we were ready to take in the fair action and that included a lot of this:

I found it so sweet how much the kids that take care of these animals treat them like family. Being a farm kid is definitely a way of life and I wondered how much better off these kids are to have livestock to keep them company rather than iPhones. Try to do this with an iPhone:

Looking at some of these adorable animals made me actually long for some livestock of my own. It only took me four years to get the ducks. I wonder how long it will take me to get one of these sweethearts:

Next we strolled through the amusements:

To check out some of the games:

Before we got back to some peace and quiet (our comfort zone) and captured a couple of still life photos:

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the Brooklyn Fair. That was almost like being there without having to travel to the middle of nowhere and pay admission. And if you just didn't get enough of it, I have more photos online here for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    How is it that we end up at the same places and never run into each other? This was not that big of a fair. BTW, did you do Woodstock? We hit that one Friday night.

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