A Walk Through Acadia

We lucked out with another great weather day and after resting up from our early morning sunrise expedition we laced up our hiking shoes and headed for the trails. I never set out to photograph anything on the hiking trails before because I never wanted to carry heavy equipment. It’s hard enough just getting me up those mountains, let alone cameras and lenses.

I’m so happy that we were with some photographer friends because it allowed Karlo and I the opportunity to explore trails that we never would have on our own. Karlo can’t be bothered walking on flat trails. If there’s no big climb with soaring views he has little interest. So this was the perfect chance to get a different perspective on the park.

We stayed on the low lands and took a close look at nature. I found the time to notice little frogs.

And pretty dragonflies.


I even captured some dragonfly porn!

I took the time to notice some little details that I don’t normally see.

And found beauty in simplicity.

I swear on any normal hike I would have never even noticed an open grassy area. I mean how boring is that? Wrong. It was beautiful and I must have taken dozens of pictures in this one spot and no two photos look alike.

I even had fun just making abstract art out of the grass.

Then we discovered this gorgeous wooden boardwalk that seemed to go on forever.

When the boardwalk did eventually end it brought us to this amazing grove of birch trees. Who doesn’t love birch trees?

We must go back to the is exact spot in the fall. We loved this spot so much we just didn’t want to leave and spent all kinds of time goofing around taking group photos. Here’s another group shot taken by Tara.

On the way back to the car we walked through some pretty gardens and caught a pop of color and here and there.

It was hard to get back into the car and head for home. First we needed one more pit stop in Bar Harbor where we grabbed a quick lunch. Here’s our final parting shot. Good bye Bar Harbor. See you again soon.

How sweet it is to have less than a 2 hour commute back home. And it’s even sweeter that our “Maine vacation” didn’t have to end when we got home. I couldn’t resist taking one more artsy phone pic here at “home.”