Acadia Day Trip


I can’t even express how exciting it is that we can take a “day trip” to Acadia. In two hours we can be in one of our all-time favorite places in the world! Still hard to wrap my head around that fact.

We started our leaf-peeping-at-Acadia tradition many years ago . . . way back when we had to drive nearly 7 hours to do it. Back then we used to pack up the car with our favorite toys (kayak, bikes, even dogs) and head up North to play. It would be hard to decide what my favorite activity was. Watching the colorful reflections on the water as we kayaked on the lakes was beautiful. Hiking on the leaf-covered trails was magical, and biking on the endless carriage roads was always a thrill.

This year we added a new, never-been-done-before activity to our Acadia repertoire. This time we took a horse-drawn carriage ride and it probably is in the running for one of my favorite things to do.


The horses were gorgeous and just looking at them was a big treat. Getting to pet their noses was the pinnacle of making my day. So warm and soft, I couldn’t get enough of them.



Our driver spent 2 hours telling us all kinds of interesting stories about the horses, the area, and the history behind the park. I guess this is what set this activity apart from all of our other favorite things to do. We never had the benefit of learning so much about this great place.


The horses did an amazing job of pulling us all the way to the summit of Day Mountain. I have to say it was quite nice to just sit back and let somebody else do all the climbing for a change. I was so content under my fleece blanket, just sitting back and enjoying the views.


There can’t possibly be a bad time to visit Acadia National Park as it is gorgeous year round, but the Fall is spectacular. Nothing beats the beauty of New England foliage at it’s best. The leaves weren’t even at their peak yet and it was still breathtaking. We took a nice hike around Eagle Lake and I was thankful for the warm sun and the flat terrain.


We had a little bit of time to kill between our hike and the carriage ride so we went over to Bar Harbor to stroll the shore path. It was such a treat to stumble upon some cool balancing rocks. My love for rocks seems to have magnified greatly ever since I moved to Rockland. I just love rocks and everywhere we go I’m so drawn to them. There was no way I could have walked by and not noticed this scene on the beach.


I just wish I could have watched whoever did the balancing in action. I also wonder how long these sculptures lasted before the wind knocked them down. I still can’t believe that these things weren’t glued.



I was sad to have to leave Bar Harbor just as things were starting to get hopping. The place was packed in the evening with people hustling and bustling everywhere. I longed to stick around and join in all the action, but we had to say goodbye to start our journey home. The good news is that it’s a short trip and we can return soon.

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