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Blurring the Lines Pecha Kucha Style

I’ve been shooting “blurry abstracts” for a couple of years now and it took me well over a year before I even showed any of the work publicly. It takes a lot of guts for a photographer to proudly post ‘out of focus’ photos on social media and be proud to stand behind them. I […]

Project 365 Back in Action

After completing a half dozen Project 365s in a row, last year I decided that I needed a break. 2017 was “The Year with a Project 365” and although it was quite a relief to remove the daily burden from my life, I have to admit . . . I missed it. There was an […]

Photographing Ice Crystals

Normally, seeing ice on the ground on our hiking trails is not a good or pleasant thing. Many a hike has been ruined by icy conditions and during those instances I hate and curse the evil ice for making the trail impassible. But today was different. Yes, there was ice, but it was non-threatening pretty […]

Day Trippin’ on Monhegan Island Maine

I’ve been captivated by Monhegan Island since the first time I saw an advertisement for a yoga retreat out there. Not only are there tons of yoga and hiking retreats, but also endless art retreats. What was it about this island that lured so many artists and yogis? I was dying to find out. If […]

New Logo Design

I recently decided to start the ball rolling on a long-standing dream. It took a recent vacation to Mexico for the idea to crystallize. I got so excited thinking about it that I couldn’t wait to come home and get started. I always wanted to host my own photography workshops and the only thing that held me […]

2015 Project 356 Part 1

For this year’s Project 365, rather than having one cohesive theme that I carry out throughout the year I’m breaking the year into 12 parts –one theme for every month. Another new twist is that I’m not going to wait until the end of the year to reveal the results. Not only does it make […]

It’s Good to be the Boss

So what did I do during my first week of working for myself? Go on vacation. No better way to start my new career! But of course, I had to come back and start a new project with the photos and videos clips that I shot while away. When you’re doing something you enjoy it’s not work […]

Embarking on a New Challenge

I just registered for a Professional Photography Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography. This is something that I’ve thought about and dreamt about for many years. So many reasons to go for it, and an equal amount of reasons to forget about it.  Do I really need to do this? What will I […]

The Brighter Side of Winter in Maine Part 2    

We got up nice and early on Sunday morning and jumped into the freezing cold car to head down to the Marshall Point lighthouse. We were amused at how much warmer it was at the shore (according to the car thermostat.) We left home where it was 0 degrees and when we got to the lighthouse […]