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The Beautiful Colorado Nature

As if not writing during my trip to Colorado wasn't bad enough, trying to remember the trip two weeks later is pure torture. Life has been so busy ever since we got back that I just can't seem to catch up. My best attempt at trying to remember some more about the trip is to […]

Time Lapse

I really wish my camera marked the time to the nearest second rather than minute because this would have been more impressive to prove with the numbers, but you're just gonna have to believe me. These photos were taken in rapid succession, about a second apart from each other. Ready? Here we go . . […]

Don't Climb that Rock

We spent three glorious days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I was worried about trying to hike at such high elevation, but we did surprisingly well. Don’t get me wrong, it was a challenge because being 2 miles above sea level makes you feel completely winded and out of shape. Not sure I was […]

My Life is Now Complete

Karlo would like for me to tell you this elaborate story about how we hiked for hours to a remote location when we stumbled upon this moose . . . But the truth is that it was more like an IKEA commercial with me screaming, “Stop the car!!!!!” After we left the bustling town of […]

A Country Fair

Last weekend we enjoyed one nice leisurely day, with no agenda and no commitments . . . and it was bliss. Of course, our “leisurely day” did start out with a grueling 7 mile trail run, but the rest of the day was splendid. After getting very little sleep during my week-long training in Maine […]


A nice post

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Turn Around

Do you ever get so caught up in some details that you close off the rest of the world? It seems like it’s so easy to sometimes miss what’s right in front of your face because you’re busy concentrating on something else. I’m not quite sure this applies to me due to my never-ending multi-tasking. […]

The Simple Life

Karlo and I decided to ride in a three day event at the Finger Lakes in upstate NY one year very early in the riding season. We hardly got on our bikes at all before booking the trip and I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to we could ride 80 miles per day […]

Making the Best of It

A couple of years ago I took a ‘vacation’ to the Outer Banks. I’m putting quotes around the word vacation because it’s sometimes hard to call a week of getting up before the sun rises a vacation. I have to admit that it was an exhausting week of photography. Normally my vacations include miles upon […]

Driving in Budapest

Budapest brings up all kinds of memories for me, but the most vivid one was the nightmare of driving through the city. First off, all European drivers are nuts. And if you happen to be European that craziness is embedded into your blood stream and will resurface the moment you get behind the wheel of […]