Beyond the Puffins


Last weekend’s road trip was mostly about the puffins, but we also had a blast exploring more parts of Maine. Because Cutler wasn’t far enough away, we decided to continue East until we ran out of coastline. I think my car was sad to come this far, so close to Canada, but not actually cross the boarder. At least I gave it some time to gaze over across the water and wave to the Canadian Lighthouse.

Our gang stopped at a cute little place for lunch. There was positively no cell service in this area so here’s the scene at lunch when we figured out that the restaurant had free wifi.

After getting our fill of emails, Facebook, and lunch our next destination was to Monica’s chocolates. Karlo and I never heard of the place, but apparently it’s pretty famous with chocolate to die for. They offered samples of their decadent truffles.

I managed to squeak in a taste before the french fries that I ate during lunch decided that they hated me. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because I had no interest in all the rest of the temptations.

Now it was time to head back and make a bee line to our most favorite place on Earth – Acadia National Park. It was a long, but beautiful drive and I’m not sure who was having the most fun: Karlo relaxing in the passenger seat, me behind the wheel of my MINI, or my MINI itself! It was a great drive that we are longing to go back and do on the motorcycle.

We finally arrived in Bar Harbor with just enough light left in the sky to snap a few photos.

Then it was time for dinner and boy did we have a great time at the Side Street Cafe. That place is a for sure repeat visit and I already can’t wait to go back. By the time we walked out it was dark and that meant it was time for funky phone photos.


And a little motorcycle “art.”
As much as I dreaded getting up the next morning at 4 something AM I just couldn’t miss sunrise at Cadillac Mountain. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy shooting it, but you really can’t visit Acadia as many times as we have and NOT partake in this amazing experience of seeing the sun come up before just about anyone else in the USA.


Thanks Tara for the great photo!