Day Trippin’ on Monhegan Island Maine

Monhegan Island Maine

I’ve been captivated by Monhegan Island since the first time I saw an advertisement for a yoga retreat out there. Not only are there tons of yoga and hiking retreats, but also endless art retreats. What was it about this island that lured so many artists and yogis? I was dying to find out. If painters came from all over to paint the landscapes around this island surely it was a photographers dream come true.

And it was.



I picked a spectacular day to go out. Well actually, I didn’t really pick it. My friend did and she was nice enough to invite me to tag along. How fortunate I was to have a tour guide to show me around!

Monhegan Island, ME

We hopped on a boat that wasn’t necessary a ferry boat, but it carries passengers back and fourth from Port Clyde to the island all day long. The ride out, like most trips out into the ocean, was a thrill. The scenery is just to die for. The water is magically blue and the distant landscape takes your breathe away. The closest I can come to comparing it to anything is to island hopping in Greece, one of my other favorite places on Earth. Not only did we enjoy the landscape, but we also got to see some dolphins (or are they called porpoises up North?) Either way, it was great to see them leaping out of the water along side the boat.

Monhegan Island, ME

Once we made landfall we grabbed a trail map and meandered through the village a short distance before we headed to the hiking trails. I couldn’t seem to walk more than 25 feet without having to stop to snap photos. There was something to shoot in every single direction.





The hiking was incredible. At least one entire side of the island is comprised of steep cliff walls that go straight into the ocean. What is more awesome than a scene like that?




We hiked straight to the beach where we found an old shipwreck that was fun to photograph.



Then we continued on a trail that followed along the top of those cliffs. The views from up there were terrific. We got treated to seeing a seal swimming along the shoreline and sailboats gently passing by. I just wish we could have spent more time just taking in those views.


The day positively flew by and before I knew it we were back in town, eating ice cream and making our way back to the boat. One day on Monhegan Island is some what of a tease and leaves you begging for more . . .