Don't Climb that Rock

We spent three glorious days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I was worried about trying to hike at such high elevation, but we did surprisingly well. Don’t get me wrong, it was a challenge because being 2 miles above sea level makes you feel completely winded and out of shape. Not sure I was diggin’ that feeling at all, but it was worth it for the scenery that we were able to take in.

For the most part we didn’t do very much climbing. We were able to cheat by driving to the higher elevation trails and then just hiking for miles along the ridge tops. I think Karlo might have had a problem with this lack of challenge because every chance he got, he was climbing something. For instance, he approached this huge rock and I immediately yelled out, “Please don’t climb that rock.”

But of course, he didn’t listen to me and continue to climb. My tone changed to a more stern, “I’m begging you Karlo, PLEASE don’t go any higher!” As if that was going to make him listen to me.

Now he’s far enough up to get really hurt if he fell down and strangely my tone changed again. Now the interaction went something like this, “OK, don’t move. Stay still. Can you move your arm a little?” All this so I could snap some pictures. Two minutes earlier I was fearing for his safety, but as soon as pictures got involved I was willing to risk his life.

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