Embarking on a New Challenge


I just registered for a Professional Photography Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography. This is something that I’ve thought about and dreamt about for many years. So many reasons to go for it, and an equal amount of reasons to forget about it.  Do I really need to do this? What will I gain? I already get paid to take photos so technically I’m already a “professional photographer” but I know myself better than that. I needed to become a certified yoga instructor, not because I had any desire in the world to teach yoga, but because it’s something that I just felt the need to do. 

After reading this propaganda from the school I knew it was my time:

“The serious photographer eventually moves beyond the love affair with his or her equipment and falls for the art of photography. The photograph itself becomes the more coveted prize. The initial fascination with the camera recedes a bit, and the photographer’s concern becomes the subtlety of the image: the meaning, the composition, and the tiny changes that separate the good from the great. This is the ultimate higher ground, more difficult to master and infinitely more rewarding.”

It just felt right. I know that this is now where I am. I am so over buying more gear. In fact, after we moved and I needed to find a place to store the gear I already own I realized that I should never buy another photographic gadget as long as I live. It’s finally time to move past the gear and concentrate on the craft. My time has come.

So I’m very excited to sink my teeth into a new big project. This course should take me a year to 18 months to complete and hopefully I’ll be occasionally documenting the journey here on my blog.