My Introduction to Animation

motionIt might be difficult for me to compose this blog posting because my brain has still not recovered from the past three days of information overload. It was unbelievable how draining it is to be on your toes every second for 8 straight hours for three straight days. Under normal circumstances I can’t focus on any one thing for more than 30 seconds so these past few days have been a true test of my attention and focusing abilities.

A few years ago I was brave enough to enter the world of video production. It was completely and utterly overwhelming. Not only did I need to learn how to work a professional camera (and all the insane amount of accessories that go along with it) but I also needed to learn some pretty sophisticated software. I still remember how overwhelmed I felt back then. It seemed like there was an endless amount of things to try to remember and for sure it was going to take me a lifetime to grasp it. But somehow or another I managed to learn it, and not only learn it, but get amazingly efficient at it.

So my next logical step was to torture push myself again to take the next step. Now that I can shoot and produce videos I wanted to learn how to be able to do motion graphics. In other words I want to be able to create and animate objects in addition to what I can capture with a camera. This opens up a huge new world of possibilities. And a huge new world of stuff to learn and master.

And once again, I feel completely overwhelmed and convinced that I’m never going to grasp it. I hate this feeling. On any given day I usually can’t remember what I had for dinner the night before so how on Earth am I going to remember the thousands of icons, buttons, and menu commands . . . let alone all the brand new terms and concepts that I need to understand in order to make this magic happen? I’m not sure I have the answer to that question, but one thing I do know is that I live for these challenges.

There is no doubt that I’m a techno geek. I love to learn about and utilize new technology. It excites me. I remember back to my video production training. It completely ruined movie watching for me. I could no longer focus on the plot and enjoy a movie. Instead I was analyzing every camera angle and video edit. I tried to detect every new technique I learned about. It took months before I could go back to just watching a darn movie for the fun of it.

And here I am all over again. The night after my second class I took Karlo to see a Pink Floyd laser light show. This was part of his birthday celebration and I’m not sure either of us really enjoyed it. I caught Karlo with his eye closed on more than one occasion. Hmmmm, we could have just stayed in our hotel room with our eyes closed listening to Pink Floyd so that was just silly. Then there was me . . . every laser that got displayed was a test of my animation knowledge. I couldn’t help but to try to imagine how I would animate every design. Could that be a particle emitter? A replicator? A generator? What motion behaviors would I need to apply to mimic that movement. Oh my goodness, it was exhausting. I just couldn’t shut my brain down and enjoy the show.