My Life is Now Complete

Karlo would like for me to tell you this elaborate story about how we hiked for hours to a remote location when we stumbled upon this moose . . . But the truth is that it was more like an IKEA commercial with me screaming, “Stop the car!!!!!”

After we left the bustling town of Boulder we headed North. We were originally planning on spending the day in Fort Collins, taking in the city, checking bikes out from the “bicycle library” and taking a brewery tour, but apparently that was a little too much “city” for Karlo. So instead we decided to take a 4 hour road trip and drive up to . . . well, the middle of nowhere.

I’ll never call Eastford the middle of nowhere ever again. I swear. What we saw of Wyoming was just plain ridiculous. Miles and miles and miles of nothing.

But after we turned back South and crossed over the border back into Colorado things improved greatly. The scenery got much much better as we drove through parts of Rocky Mountain National Park and other assorted national forests. It was positively beautiful. My eyes were wide open and I was just taking it all in when suddenly I looked out the side window and spotted a female moose wide out in the open, grazing in a field very close to the road. That’s when I screamed, “Stop the car! I just saw a moose!”

Karlo immediately sprung into action and whipped the car around. He drove back to the moose and I jumped out of the car. Little did I know that Karlo would just take off and drive down the road. There I stood on the side of the road with my big camera, thinking, “What if this moose decides that she doesn’t like getting her picture taken? Where am I to run? I’m in the wide open, with no trees in sight to hide behind, and Karlo just left me there.

Well, luckily for me the moose was quite the ham. I think she even smiled for a few pictures.

It wasn’t long before Karlo turned the car around and crept it back to where I was. I continued to happily and blissfully watch the moose and shoot away when I heard Karlo calling out to me, “Paula, Paula, Paula.” What was he DOING?? For sure he was going to scare my moose away if he kept that up. I reluctantly turned my attention away from the moose toward Karlo to see what on Earth was so important. Well, he was trying to tell me that the BOY moose was hiding in the woods. OMG, this was my bucket list dream – too see “a male moose, standing up, in the wild” and there he was . . .

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for me, the moose saw me taking photos of him and he decided to walk out of the woods so I could get a full look at him.

But wait there’s more . . .

No sooner does the bull moose emerge from the brush, but so does the baby.

Holy mother of good timing and amazing luck – I got to see the entire family all together. I was simply beside myself. That positively made my day and as far as I was concerned our trip could have ended right there.

I was one happy and fulfilled camper. It’s been a dream for many many years and I still can’t believe how it all worked out.

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