Photographing Ice Crystals

Normally, seeing ice on the ground on our hiking trails is not a good or pleasant thing. Many a hike has been ruined by icy conditions and during those instances I hate and curse the evil ice for making the trail impassible. But today was different. Yes, there was ice, but it was non-threatening pretty ice.



There were plenty of options to walk around the ice in most cases and even when our only choice was walking on it, it still wasn’t too bad. I guess it was cold enough to keep the ice dry, and in some cases even sticky so it wasn’t too slippery. And it wasn’t like I was walking very fast over it. I could barely bring myself to anything faster than a crawl because I was mesmerized by the beauty of the ice and what was trapped under it.



It was a whole new world under there beckoning to be gawked at.




I was kicking myself for not bringing my “real camera” and my macro lens. It seems I never have a use for that new lens and I’m not even sure why I bought it. I always wanted to fiddle with macro photography, this was my big chance, and I blew it.


But maybe it’s a good thing. I literally could have stayed in one place for hours exploring every nook and cranny of every ice formation. Without moving my feet I could have composed a hundred different photos. Instead, I took one quick photo like this one and moved on.


Then when I got home I simply cropped it and made other interesting images.



Now if I only had my ‘real’ camera with its huge megapixels . . . . OK, I need to get over it and move on.

My small camera wasn’t the only challenge. Every time I stopped at a nice spot on the ice that caught my ice I would start to shoot . . .


And then this would happen.


Some monster would barge in and try to eat my subject.