Rockland – Our New Hometown


I thought it was time to talk about our new hometown. I get a kick out of the fact that all our buddies back in CT have this picture in their heads of us living out in the boonies . . . with the moose. I guess maybe it’s time to set the record straight and explain exactly what our new hometown is like. In a nutshell, it rocks!

It’s not in the middle of the woods.
It’s not in the boonies.
We aren’t surrounded by moose.
Nor are we surrounded by black flies.
We have more civilization around us than ever before.
And it’s spectacularly beautiful.

Rather than living in the woods, like everyone assumes, we are actually on the sea! At this present time we are living pretty much in “downtown.” A mere block from the downtown strip, which just happens to be right on the ocean. So close, in fact, that when the wind is blowing the right way you can smell the sea. We can hear the ships blasting their horns when them come into port and we have seagulls in our backyard. Quite a change of scenery for us.


It’s true that we no longer have our own private hiking trails in our backyard, but I’m adjusting nicely to that. I guess deep down I’ll always be more of a city girl and this level of “city” seems to fit me like a glove. Rather than trail running our runs now take place here:


Funny, I’m a much better runner now! The scenery is constantly changing, the ocean breezes are always keeping me cool (which is a good thing when you’re running), and I no longer have to outrun the bugs . . . which is a bonus too big for words.

I can’t exactly say that our little downtown is “bustling,” but it sure is nice to be able to walk to just about everything we want to do. What a concept. We go for multiple walks a day. One of our favorite daily routines is to walk the one-mile-long breakwater pier. I swear this will never get old. We simply love it. It’s a mile walk on huge granite rocks straight out into the ocean to the lighthouse. Every day it’s a different experience. The wind is different, the tides are different, the skyline is different. Some days we see seals sunbathing on the rocks. Some days we watch seagulls hunting for their dinner. And other days we have to break into a run to escape the rapidly rising tides and/or the threatening thunder clouds. Never a dull moment.


When it’s not exercise we are after we sometimes just stroll hand in hand, up and down Main Street. Nothing makes me feel more like we are on vacation than “strolling.” Karlo and I only have one walking speed. No matter where we are going or what we are doing we are traveling at warp speeds. I mean you need to get out of our way if we are coming through! But on rare occasions (usually only evenings during vacation, when it’s nightfall and we don’t know what to do with ourselves) we take to the streets to stroll. My goodness, it’s bliss to just walk leisurely with no purpose. The thought of doing that “at home” rather than on vacation is a miracle and I’m cherishing every minute of it.


I’m not quite totally sure how we came to land in this hometown but we couldn’t be happier about it. It was a match made in Heaven and I’m thanking my lucky stars every single day. We are so looking forward to many more new discoveries about this place in the years to come.