Taking in the Beauty of Autumn


This Autumn season is the best I can remember. Seems that it’s stretching on way longer than any other Fall season. I keep saying, “We better enjoy this weekend because it will be the last one of peak color.” But then the next weekend comes and it’s just as spectacular. In fact, it’s only gotten better and better over the past couple of weeks. By this time last year we were lucky to find any leaves still on the trees, let alone any color. According to the local news we aren’t even at peak color yet. We took this photo just yesterday and it wasn’t until I looked at it on my screen that I realized how much green there still is in the landscape.


It’s funny that when I’m looking at the scene in person my eyes only see all the color. I don’t even notice the green. I think we are going to luck out and get yet another great weekend of colorful leaves flying through the air. I wish this would last for months. I would never get enough of it.


We started leaf peeping a couple of weekends ago and took a nice motorcycle ride inland (where the leaves change colors a little bit earlier than on the coast). It was such a quaint little ride through the back roads. The farmlands and windy roads made me think about CT. It was just like being ‘home.’



It’s so nice that we can have all the beauty of the coastline, but yet drive a handful of miles to the west and be in the same sort of rural lands that we are used to. It really is the best of both worlds.




There is just no end to the number of great motorcycle rides in front of us.


In addition to the bike rides we also hopped in the car one day and headed down to Damariscotta for their annual Pumpkinfest. The main street was lined with enormous pumpkins, most weighing over 1,000 pounds! I’m still struggling to understand this. Does this happen naturally or are the pumpkins jacked on growth hormones? Anyway, it was a hoot to see the pumpkins all decorated. It makes me long to paint one myself.