The Brighter Side of Winter in Maine Part 1


All the snow certainly has some benefits, at least for me. Given the fact that I don’t have to shovel it or drive in it, and I love to play in it and photograph it I guess you can say that I’m in Heaven. We finally got out of the house and spent some much needed time outside this past weekend. I feel like I’ve been cooped up forever with my only exposure to the outside world consisting of trips to the stores. I’m not sure what’s to blame, the cold or the constant and never-ending lure to do home projects, but this has got to stop. I’m hoping the addition to a dog in the family will motivate us to get out more. Because I love being out! This is what you see when you actually leave the house here in Maine.

On Saturday we ventured into Camden for the start of their WinterFest. It was brutally cold, but we dressed up like Eskimos and lasted exactly as long as the batteries in my heated gloves did. Once they ran out, I was done.

On the way to Camden a few things caught my eye from the car and I insisted that Karlo pull over and let me out. Like for instance this beautiful color contrast on this old shed. I just love it.


And this pink ice fishing hut on the frozen lake. If I thought I was cold photographing  the scene I can’t even imagine how the crazy guys that were out there fishing felt.



Once we got to Camden we watched some talented folks carving ice.




We walked through the park but couldn’t find a place to sit.


So we headed indoors for a quick warm up.


On the way back to Rockland we stopped in the Rockport harbor . . .


and spotted this adorable tree decorated with lobster floats.


Next it was off to the Samoset to photograph their pretty grounds.



And this last photo that made me scream, “Stop the car” just before the sun completely set.


Sunday was even better, but you’ll have to stay tuned for the next post.