Turn Around

Do you ever get so caught up in some details that you close off the rest of the world? It seems like it’s so easy to sometimes miss what’s right in front of your face because you’re busy concentrating on something else. I’m not quite sure this applies to me due to my never-ending multi-tasking. I find it hard to concentrate on any one thing for more than 10 seconds. I watch the news every morning in anticipation of the weather forecast. It’s sometimes hard for me to even notice that the weather is indeed on. Once it starts I try really hard to pay attention long enough to find out the weather for that day. But sadly, I usually mentally tune out somewhere along the way and end up having to wait another 10 minutes to try it again. This antsy habit actually came in handy one night. I was with a group of photographers and we were all trying to catch the sunset over the water. We all took dozens upon dozens of shots of the water, the shore, the rocks, the birds, the dock, the pilings, etc. Even though all of this scenery was beautiful it still couldn’t hold my attention for the duration of the sunset. I had to be off darting about looking for every possible option. To my surprise one of the most beautiful scenes was actually BEHIND us. As the sun was setting its reflection was shining marvelously in the windows of this building. I was the only one to notice and capture it and when all was said and done, this picture turned out to be my favorite of the shoot. I guess my fidgety multi-tasking personality paid off this time. Sometimes you need to remember to explore all of your options, even when you are so sure the best option is in front of you. You never know when something better is actually hiding behind you.